Devonport Royal Swimming Association

Established 1863

Devon County Club of the Year 2018

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 Masters Swimming

Welcome to the Masters section. We cater for adult swimmers ranging from the very inexperienced to those who have been medallists at the British Swimming Master’s championships. The ages of our Masters swimmers range from 18 years to post retirement. If you are still interested ... read on.

DRSA embraces the Amateur Swimming Association’s (ASA) ‘cradle to grave’ policy where we ensure that individuals of all ages can enjoy both the social and health benefits associated with swimming. The club provides teaching for inexperienced Masters swimmers on a Friday evening as well as 4 hours per week of specific pool lanes for those with stronger swimming abilities. The club promotes an integrated training model where the Masters section follows much of the Senior programme but specifically adapted to meet the needs of the mature swimmer. The more competitive swimmers will also rotate between the Senior and Masters squad according to their individual requirements.

The club shows its commitment by having available an ASA Level 4 qualified coach John Wright (right) as the Masters lead. Indeed very few aquatic clubs nationwide can claim this level of coaching pedigree specifically for its Masters section.

Whether you wish to be involved with competitive swimming or just fitness, this relaxed, friendly, cohesive Masters group with a superb range of banter has universal appeal.

There is only so much that can be achieved by undertaking repetitive lengths alone in a local swimming pool. DRSA will ensure that your individual goals are facilitated and your motivation nurtured. There is also the added bonus of improving your technical
swimming skills. You know you want to .... but before you make any decision read some of the comments of our current Masters

"For me, the club has achieved the right balance between informality and structure, readily accommodating those who are seeking National Rankings as well as those who are looking to improve their fitness and technique. The coaching staff are appreciative of the needs of Master swimmers and take an interest in the development of the individual."
David Smith

"I would highly recommend Devonport's masters sessions to my friends. The first two taster sessions are free - see if you get hooked like me."
Tracey Bailey (left).
"I have surprised myself for somebody who could never do frontcrawl. Joining DRSA has made me motivated and keen to learn, whilst enjoying a few laughs and getting fit."
Louise Crocker (right).

Our Masters sessions are on Monday 8.30-9.30pm, Wednesday 9.00-10.00pm and Friday 8.30-9.30pm. In addition to this, some of our stronger Masters swim with our Senior Competitive swimmers and in our long-course training sessions (where the pool is in 50 metre format - these sessions are by invitation only).