Devonport Royal Swimming Association

Established 1863

Devon County Club of the Year 2018

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 Monthly Session Fees

From 1 January 2019

One session/week     £25.00
Two sessions/week     £40.00
Three sessions/week     £52.00
Four sessions/week     £60.00
Five or more sessions/week     £65.00

One mini polo session/week     £18.00
Two mini polo sessions/week     £25.00
One water polo session/week     £20.00
Two water polo sessions/week     £30.00
One mini polo and one swim session/week     £30.00
Two mini or water polo sessions and one swim session/week     £48.00
Two mini or water polo sessions and more than one swim session/week     £60.00
Five or more sessions/week including water polo     £65.00

 Annual Membership Fee

The Annual Membership Fee is £45.00 for swimming members, £38.00 for volunteers who are session swimmers and water polo players and £10.00 for members who do not have sessions in swimming or water polo.

 Membership Registration

Click here to start the membership registration process.

You may find the attached PDF with screenshots/images of the process useful (Please note: In order to read the Membership Pack, you will need to have a PDF Reader such as Adobe Reader installed on your computer).

Go through the pages, starting with setting up your profile.

The annual membership fee will be deducted as soon as you register.

While filling in the Athlete form, you will be asked if you want to subscribe tonewsletters(free). If you do not want these emails, please make sure the boxes are NOT ticked (see Newsletters image).

Then you come to Waivers and Agreements. To read the information text, click on the blue text before you tick.

After you have completed the registration process, you will be asked to register with We suggest you do not as you will be charged 24.99 (see Registration Complete image). If you do mistakenly register, you will have 30 days to cancel.

 Two Free Taster Sessions

Thank you for your interest in joining Devonport Royal Swimming Association.

You are entitled to two free taster sessions before you commit to joining us. Please contact us via the form below in order to arrange your first free session and assessment.

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Activities you are interested in:
Water Polo
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Access code:
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In order to combat spam, please enter the access code into the "access code" field above.

If you have any queries please contact either Paul Russell or Robert Coleman as below.

Swimming enquiries

Paul Russell

Mini polo and water polo enquiries

Robert Coleman