Our Fees

From 1 January 2024

If you wish to change session categories at any time, please email memb4drsa@gmail.com

Our Annual Membership Fees Fee
Members who swim or play water polo £50.00
Volunteers who swim or play water polo £35.00
Members who do not swim or play water polo£15.00
Volunteers who do not swim or play water polo   £0.00
Members who have another club as their first Swim England registered club £10.00
Members who are 10 or younger when registering £20.00
University students £20.00
A 10% sibling discount will be applied at registration
Our Monthly Session Fees Fee
One swim session/week£26.80
Two swim sessions/week£44.30
Three swim sessions/week£57.20
Four swim sessions/week£65.40
Five or more sessions/week£70.00
One water polo session/week£22.70
One water polo and one swim session/week£36.00
One water polo and two swim sessions/week£53.60
Two water polo sessions/week£34.00
Two water polo sessions and one swim session/week£51.50
Two water polo sessions and two swim sessions/week£63.30
Five or more sessions/week including water polo£70.00

 Two Free Taster Sessions

Please contact pressdrsa@gmail.com if you would like to sponsor us.

Thank you for your interest in joining Devonport Royal Swimming Association.

You are entitled to two free taster sessions before you commit to joining us.

In order to arrange your first free session and assessment, please contact Caroline Paternotte-Chilton for Swimming enquiries or Robert Coleman for Water Polo enquiries as below.

Swimming enquiries

Caroline Paternotte-Chilton
e-mail: drsaswimsec@gmail.com

Water polo enquiries

Robert Coleman
e-mail: rmcoleman@sky.com

When you write to us, please copy and paste the text below into your e-mail and overwrite "xxx" with your reply.

Email subject: DRSA Taster Sessions
Your name: xxx
Telephone: xxx
E-mail: xxx
Name of triallist: xxx
Date of birth of triallist: xxx

Activities you are interested in (please delete as appropriate):
Water Polo
Swimming and Water Polo

Please add your comments here, especially a brief description of swimming ability and any levels achieved.

Upon receiving your e-mail, we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours please check your spam/trash folder.